This product provides a mini-framework for expressing the configured state of a Zope Site as a set of filesystem artifacts. These artifacts consist of declarative XML files, which spell out the configuration settings for each “tool” in the site , and supporting scripts / templates, in their “canonical” filesystem representations.

Configurations Included

The setup_tool knows how to export / import configurations and scripts for the following components of a site:

  • itself :)
  • removal / creation of specified tools
  • the role / permission map on the “site” object (its parent)
  • properties of the site object
  • “Placeful” utilities and adapters registered in the local site manager. Placeless utilities can only be imported.

Extending The Tool

Third-party products extend the tool by registering handlers for import / export of their unique tools.

See also

See How-to: Writing setup handlers for Products.GenericSetup for a step by step how-to.

Providing Profiles

GenericSetup doesn’t ship with any profile. They have to be provided by third-party products and depend on the registered handlers.

See also

See About Profiles for more details.

Other Documentation

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