The instance in the Zope URL space which defines a “zone of service” for a set of tools.
dotted name
The Pythonic representation of the “path” to a given function / module, e.g. Products.GenericSetup.tool.exportToolset.
A “preset” configuration of a site, defined on the filesystem or in a tarball.
base profile
Profiles which represent the entire configuration of a given site, and have no dependencies.
extension profile
Profile fragments are used to modify a site created from a given base profile. They can be shipped with add-on products or used for customization steps. Importing an extension profile adds or overwrites existing settings in a fine-grained way. An extension profile cannot be exported.
A profile which captures the state of the site’s configuration at a point in time (e.g., immediately after creation of the site, or after importing an extension profile.